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Peppered Pear Cocktail with Pine

Many times I’ll find a recipe that I think is really interesting but I don’t have all of the ingredients in my bar. Found this recipe from Dram Apothecary and improvised a variation!

🍸Peppered Pear Cocktail🍸
🔸2 oz gin
🔸1 oz pine liqueur
🔸Pear slices (for muddling + garnish)
🔸Pear syrup (Recipe below)
🔸Cardamom seeds (optional but delicious)

Pear syrup: (From W&P Design’s “Infuse“)
🔸7oz pear brandy or just vodka
🔸3oz simple syrup
🔸1 ripe pear, sliced into eighths
🔸1 stick cinnamon
🔸1 star anise pod
🔸2 cloves

Combine in Mason jar and infuse for 24 hours.

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