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About Garden Cocktails

Welcome to Garden Cocktails, the decidedly unprofessional tinkerings of an urban balcony gardener. Here you’ll find foraging reports from Central Park, imbibing opinions from Chinatown, and NYC tips on all the ridiculous and enjoyable ways to craft cocktails in a kitchen the size of a bathroom.

In 2012 I moved from Indiana to NYC with my best friend in a cargo van full of hand-me-down furniture and my most prized possessions: a thrifted owl lamp, some vintage suitcases for storage, and a set of antique lowball glasses. That first year in the city we shared a 250-square-foot apartment with my (now) husband and completed a self-guided crash course in all the cheap and dweeby delights that New York City has to offer to starry-eyed Midwesterners.

My favorite exploration activity quickly became visiting the innovative bars that have come to define New York’s reigning spot in cocktail history and culture. Because all those tinkly evenings in dark speakeasies don’t come cheap, I started taking the DIY approach to booze by making cocktails in my kitchen. A hobby grew out of frugality and I started posting some of my cocktail creations on Instagram in the beginning of 2016.

By day I work as the head of content at Bark,   the company behind BarkBox, BarkShop, and BarkPost. I live in Yorkville on Manhattan with my dog Pimm (Short for Persimmon), my husband Sean, and a balcony garden full of strawberries, tomatoes, and three types of basil.

(Coming to Yorkville? Be sure to check out Glaser’s, the 114-year-old family-owned bakery and Heidelberg, the timeless German Biergarten.)

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Not my dog, this is Grumpy Scout, Bark’s first office dog. You can find my dog here. 😛

Not my dog, this is Grumpy Scout, Bark’s first office dog. You can find my dog here. 😛