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Blackberry Shrub (Shortcut)

easy blackberry shrub

I love drinking shrubs on evenings when I don’t want to drink a cocktail. I’ve got a book all about how to make these wonderful vinegar drinks but since that requires a bit of foresight, I usually end up doing a shortcut like the one I detailed below.

About this glassware, my friend gave Sean and I a pair as a wedding gift from Glassy Baby. I looked into glassblowing as a class/hobby before I started taking my pottery class and glassblowing is NOT a hobby you can learn from YouTube. It is hard. And you need like 4 people to make one glass. ? Pottery will do for now! 😛

? Blackberry Shrub (Shortcut) ?
?.5oz apple cider vinegar
?~5 muddled blackberries
?Dash of sugar
?Garnish with a blackberry and sorrel

Muddle the blackberries with the sugar + vinegar, then top off with ice and seltzer!