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Chamomile Martini: Gin, Honey, Pomelo Juice

chamomile martini with gin and honey and pomelo

My favorite cocktail garnishes are flowers. I love the spring and summer when my balcony garden is overflowing with botanical things to add to my drinks. I always try to have a variety of edible flowers in my urban garden from nasturtiums to marigolds to pansies, but in the winter I have to resort to finding edible flowers in the herb section of high-end groceries.

? Chamomile Martini ?

Course Drinks


  • 1.5 oz gin (or you can influse gin with chamomile for a few hours!)
  • .75 oz chamomile tea
  • .5 oz honey
  • .75 oz grapefruit or pomelo juice
  • Edible flower for garnish


  1. Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake hard. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with a flower-- preferably chamomile but this little edible bud worked for me.