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Rambutan/Lychee Vanilla Cocktail

rambutan vanilla cocktail coupe glass

My office is down in Chinatown and one of my favorite parts of the neighborhood is all the wacky (to me) fruits that you can find on the streets or in the groceries. The first time I tried a rambutan, I was totally surprised by how sweet they are! The drink I’ve got below is mellow and gentle, not anything like a rambutan’s prickly exterior.

?Rambutan Vanilla Cocktail?

?1 Rambutan (You can also use lychee! Similar taste.)
?~1 tsp sugar
?1 oz water
?1 tsp lime juice
?1/4 tsp vanilla
?2 oz vodka

Slice the rambutan around the middle and peel out the fruit. Muddle it in the vodka. Put the shell of the rambutan back together and skewer it with a cocktail pick.