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Alpine Manhattan: Bourbon, Lemon, Douglas Fir Liqueur

alpine manhattan cocktail

When I first discovered the account @dramapothecary, I fell into one of those deep Instagram crush rabbit holes. The folks at Dram forage fresh ingredients in Colorado to make all of their bitters, shrubs, switchels, and more. I tried making a version of their pine syrup using fir needles and the resulting cocktail was actually quite good.

? Alpine Manhattan ?
?1 1/2 oz bourbon
?.5 oz Douglas fir liqueur
?5 shakes black walnut bitters
?Lemon and cherry for garnish

Muddle the cherry and lemon at the bottom of a glass, shake ingredients, and serve! Last one of this type of cocktail until the fall! 😛 ?

? Douglas Fir Liqueur ?
Blend a handful of needles in a cup of vodka and let it sit for a few hours. Strain with a coffee filter and add 1/2 cup of simple syrup.

You can also buy a bottle of Douglas Fir Liqueur from Clear Creek Distillery.