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Cocktail Recipes Gin

Chartreuse Martini


Since Chartreuse isn’t a cheap liqueur (like $60/bottle in NYC), I waffled on buying it for a long time. I finally bought a bottle and have not regretted it. It’s one of those potent liqueurs that will last 5 years and it adds such a wacky flavor to any drink it’s in.

Also, the flavors of this gin are completely different than any London dry-style you’ve had before. The Apostoles gin comes from Latin America and gets its main botanical flavors from yerba mate, pink grapefruit skins, eucalyptus and mint peperina. In hindsight it probably wasn’t my best idea to use a gin from Latin America and a liqueur from France, but it was still delicious. 🙂

?Chartreuse Martini ?
?1 ounce Green Chartreuse
?1 ounce dry vermouth
?2 ounces of Principe de los Apostoles gin

Add ingredients, stir, and serve. Add a piece of eucalyptus or sage for garnish.