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Green Tea Gimlet with Matcha

green tea cocktails matcha

I didn’t discover matcha tea until I moved to New York City in 2012. Today it’s one of my favorite earthy flavors, I love the grassiness that it adds to cocktails.

?Green Tea Gimlet?
(With a matcha + honey rim)

Directions: Steep 2-3 green tea bags in 12oz of gin for at least an hour. ?

?2oz green tea-infused gin
?1oz fresh lime juice
?1/2 ounce simple syrup with lime zest

Shake and serve in a coupe glass rimmed with matcha and honey. For extra green tea flavor, add a tiny spoon of matcha to the cocktail before you shake!

Found this drink (without the matcha rim) in “Savory Cocktails: Sour Spicy Herbal Umami Bitter Smoky Rich Strong” by Greg Henry!