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Meyer Lemon and Lavender Tom Collins

meyer lemon lavender cocktail

I always love when Meyer lemons come in season because they are so fun to play with in cocktails. Also a side note: Bonne Maman jam jars make great cocktail glasses, Tupperware, and water cups. ??

?Meyer Lemon and Lavender Tom Collins ?
?2oz gin
?1oz lavender liqueur*
?1oz Meyer lemon juice

*To make lavender liqueur, fill a jar with 2/3 vodka, 1/3 simple syrup, and a handful of dried lavender. Let it sit for a few weeks. Alternatively, you can just let lavender sit in the gin for the cocktail all day and add simple syrup/honey to taste!

Shake the ingredients + top with seltzer, serve with lemon rind as garnish! (And maybe a sprinkle of dried lavender if your guests aren’t picky about sipping some teeny buds.) Recipe variation from @Hatchery.