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The Companion: Pear, Pepper, and Rum Cocktail

I received a nice message from Anya of Travelling Bartenders asking if I would make their drink for a Bacardi competition they’d entered. I said, “Yes, of course!” and the recipe is below. 🙂

🌿The Companion 🌿
(By @travellingbartenders :))
🔸8 muddled black peppercorns
🔸2 spoons of pear puree
🔸20 ml lemon juice
🔸15 ml honey syrup (honey mixed with equal parts water)
🔸10ml dry vermouth
🔸50ml white rum

Super fresh and crisp! I actually used Sichuan peppercorns to see what happens with a bit of pepper that makes your tongue extra tingly. I also used a stick blender to make the pear puree and then shook with ice, garnished with tarragon, topped with more cracked pepper. (I didn’t have any mint for a garnish.)

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