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Whiskey Daisy a la Fouque from the Dead Rabbit Cocktail Book

whiskey daisy

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been entranced by the Dead Rabbit cocktail book and all the stories inside. It’s the perfect mix of well-researched historical cocktails, delightfully wacky ingredients, and real stories from the two Belfast boys who opened the bar here in NYC. When I was looking at reviews of the book before I bought it, one of the biggest complaints was that the cocktails take too long to make and the ingredients are obscure. That’s definitely true, but I’ve found that a bit of creative improvisation goes a long way. You might not get the exact taste that you’d get if you ordered a drink at the Dead Rabbit, but it’s still a really interesting drink and unlike other flavor combinations you’ve tried before. I look at the recipes in the book more like guidelines than laws- because it’s rare that you’re going to have bay leaf tincture on hand when you discover it in a recipe you want to try. (Ie: If you don’t have raspberry cordial on hand, you can test a raspberry cordial instead.) And TEACUPS. ☕️

? Whiskey Daisy a la Fouque ?

?.5oz raspberry cordial (I used Chambord)
?2 dashes orange bitters
?.75oz orange juice
?.5oz “Rhubarb Tea” liqueur from Art In The Age
?1oz lemon juice
?.5oz Rabarbaro Zucca (I used a mild amaro instead)
?2oz rye
?Top with soda water and fresh nutmeg

Combine all ingredients except for soda water and fresh nutmeg. Shake, strain, and serve in a tea cup filled with cracked ice. Top with grated nutmeg and soda water!