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Fresh Thyme Dalmatian Cocktail with Gin, Black Pepper, and Grapefruit

This drink tastes like a complex Greyhound or G&T. I always love to add spices and herbs to cocktails, such a simple way to make a drink feel more complicated without making things more difficult. 🙂

? Thyme Dalmatian ?
?1 tsp simple syrup
?1 ½ oz gin
?2 ½ oz fresh grapefruit juice
?½ oz soda water or tonic water
?Black pepper + salt for rim (I forgot the rim)

Muddle the thyme in gin and reserve a bit for garnish. Shake everything except the bubbly stuff and top with soda and black pepper! I used a blood orange for garnish because I forgot to reserve some grapefruit. 😛

Recipe from @marcuscooks! 🙂